Vital Heynen

Vital Heynen stood at the side-line in Turin, with Poland leading 2-0 against Brazil. Bruno Rezende had the ball in his hands to serve. 24-23. Poland was one point away from being crowned back to back World Champions. The rest is history. What does it take to become someone who’s leading the best volleyball team in the world? What kind of lessons do you need to learn? “I was convinced I can do different” is one of the quotes shaping the 1.5 hour webinar with Vital, who worked together with both hosts on the court during their playing careers.


1 januari 2021             Kare Mol
1 maart 2021              Remko Kenter
1 mei 2021                 Vital Heynen
1 juli 2021                  Redbad Strikwerda
1 september 2021        Yannick van Harskamp
1 november 2021         Saskia van Hintum

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